The ALE MASTER-HD controller is the most capable system available for Coding and Marking.

One single controller can drive up to 8 x 72mm print-heads, managing a total of 576mm of print height.

With its friendly user interface and its full connectivity including Nicelabel® and Windows®, it will soon become your best production asset.


ALE controllers are robust and powerful, especially designed to be easy to use, and to maximize the potential of your production.

The Master -HD controller is a compact, robust and powerful.

It is fully compatible with the entire ALE product range, driving from 1 to 8 print-heads (TC, TZ and PR ranges) simultaneously, and the colour (CORAL and CALYPSO ranges) depending on the model: MasterHD2, 4 or 8. Moreover, thanks to the Twin-Time Zone (TTZ) optional feature, it can drive two print-heads in separate zones, allowing you to code on both the long and the small sides of the product in two different locations for example.

The ALE controller will easily be integrated into your production line and factory network due to its different connection modes: TCP/IP, Wifi or RS232.

With its user friendly interface as well as its easy integration, your ALE printing system will be ready to print your codes in just a few simple steps.
Together with the powerful Design and Print Simulation software, CodeX, the Master -HD will optimise the potential of your production and will help you meet your customer's coding and marking requirements.