Our printing systems offers a high connectivity to integrate easily your production environment.
A full range of optional software and features is available to connect, control and monitor your production.
Fully compatible with most database, standard designing software and even more, ALE systems will become a strategic production tool for your business.


CodeX Software Suite is a comprehensive solution for your company, including image design, database, traceability and monitoring features. All Codex modules are downloadable for free from this website and they all include a “simulation mode” that allows to test them before purchasing the corresponding equipment.

CodeX is a complete yet easy to use design software, especially developed for ALE's high-resolution inkjet printers. It has been recognised for more than 15 years as the most advanced software in this sector.

CodeX software has been designed to create layout containing all necessary data for all production activities (batch numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates, Barcodes, Data matrix, QR codes counters, logo, images …)

CodeX licences range from 1 to 6, from the most standard level to the most sophisticated one for complex applications.

TraceX modules

Optional features can be purchased and added to your application entering the corresponding License level code.
Codex Requires 1 level then if any optional feature is needed, just add 1 to the license level required for a given option.

TraceX optional modules – Upgrade your software in a simple click

  • Paddi Address / Database Printing software
    License level required +1
    Paddi software is a feature to make labels with variables fields coming from a flat file or database such as Excel, Access or ODBC type database. With this option, the printer automatically detects the next message to print from the database and prints accordingly up to 8 different variable texts.
    It also includes options to manage alarms, data-shortage and stop & restart. Paddi is the easiest database management software for coding & Marking applications.
  • Verifix – Barcode Print & Verify
    License level required +1
    VerifiX is a module especially developed for ensuring consistent highest quality of code printing. By ticking the “verify this barcode” box, and thanks to an approved barcode scanner placed after the print-head, this software checks the code quality and if the code fails the test, the controller will give a signal to either stop the line or eject the product.
  • EntriX – Barcode Printer Management
    License level required +1
    EntriX is a specific feature designed to reduce as much as possible operators' errors.
    By scanning a barcode, the result can select a message to print or insert a batch code that will be printed.
  • BCD – Label Selection Image Sensor
    License level required +1
    This function is easy to implement, especially along an existing PLC on the production line.
    Using 4 controller's inputs, based on a binary code, 16 messages can be selected.
    This feature is particularly suitable for manufacturers having to code on the same line a wide variety of products (size, shape, etc.)

Twin-Time zone

License level required +1

The Twin-Time zone is a specific feature that allows you to control from a single MasterPad HD different printers in two different and independent areas. This has been developed in order to answer the challenge of some specific applications when non-opposite sides of the box need to be printed.

How does it work?

The controller will manage 2 independent printing zones each having its own peripherals (Photocell, encoder) and its own settings.

E.g. you can print the long side of the box from zone 1 then turn the box at 90° angle and a second photocell detects automatically the box and print the small box side.

Drivers windows

Thanks to specific ALE Windows drivers, ALE's systems are fully compatible with all commercial and industrial Windows TM software such Excel, Word, CodeSoft, NiceLabel, FlexMail.

For really easy use this is the perfect solution as it does require any additional sophisticated message design software to run ALE's printers.

License level 1 required


The whole ALE's product range has been fully implemented in the widely used NICELABEL software suite.

No need to redesign your Nicelabel messages when purchasing an ALE system. Fully compatible, and supporting the printer's special features, and enterprise and cloud solutions.

License level 1 required