ALE is the top manufacturer of high-resolution inkjet printers and invest all its know-how and energy to answer to your every coding and marking needs.

Who are we ?

ALE is a French manufacturer, based in Lyon, expert in Coding and Marking ink-jet systems. For more than 15 years, we have dedicated ourselves to High-Resolution technology and we offer the widest range on the market. Our systems can print on most porous and non-porous surfaces, on any side of the product, to fulfil the specific labelling needs of different industries.

Thanks to our strong distributor network, our products are available in more than 30 countries worldwide


1. Made in France Quality

All our systems are designed, manufactured and tested in our headquarters in Lyon, a dynamic and attractive city for international business.

Our teams all work closely together in every aspect of the product to ensure maximum quality:

  • Conception of new systems or new functionalities by our R&D department
  • Manufacturing and testing by our production team
  • Customer service, sales and marketing support for our distributors by the administrative staff

It allows us to provide you with high-tech systems within competitive times, and to react quickly to any situation.
ALE's team is formed of high-skilled professionals who are putting all their efforts and know-how in order to provide you with the best marking and coding solutions.

2. Taking coding and marking a step forward

Throughout its 15 years experience, ALE has managed to build a strong reputation and is now considered as the leader in carton coding and marking.
But the success of ALE also relies on its constant investment in Research and Development. We are focusing on constantly developing new systems and functionalities in order to respond to a wide range of needs, across industries.
ALE goes also beyond systems and provide you with “more than a printer”: a range of dedicated software, with for instance the power and user-friendly Codex design software, and an effective customer service.

3. Reliable systems for all your needs

ALE's catchphrase “Design – Print – Trace” symbolises the essence of ALE's spirit and shows its dedication to offer tailored solutions for specific applications. We provide you with robust systems that can resist to hard production environments. Whatever your industry and your needs in terms of Coding and Marking, ALE will offer you the appropriate solution.

ALE by numbers

Founding date : 2001
Global presence on more than 30 countries, thanks to a strong network of more than 35 distributors
Annual participation in 50 international fairs on average
Steady growth of our turnover over the last eight years
Counting with 3 controllers, 15 different print-heads, 2 “all-in-one-box” printers, and 2 inks types with various colours and shades, offering infinite numbers of combinations to match your needs.

ALE worldwide


Thanks to its strong distributor's network, ALE is present on the five continents in more than 35 countries. Contact us to be in touch with your local distributor, or follow the dates of our upcoming fairs to come and meet them directly.

Become distributors

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