ALE has developed a full range of colour printing systems.
Either a two- spot-colour coding system to fulfill your printing needs to become GHS/CLP compliant or a full colour system CMYK to print colour logos in order to offer a customized packaging solution to your customers… ALE has the corresponding solution!!


Colour is the new black: take your packaging a step forward!
ALE colour systems have been designed using the latest innovations in the ink-jet industry, in order to help you to maximize your potential:

  • Reduced packaging inventory by removing pre-printed packaging or expensive pre-printed labels and increased productivity thanks to better identification and traceability of the products.
  • Short production runs with instant change-over. Zero downtime in your production.
  • The open door to packaging customisation: improve visibility and brand-awareness thanks to vibrant, colourful and high-quality logos or images printed on your product, in the case of retail-ready packaging in the food industry for example, or for construction materials. A promotional tool not to ignore!

Beside images and logos, ALE colour series also print with the same quality as the TC or TZ-PR Range, traceability information such as batch number, barcodes, dates, counters, etc.

There are 2 versions available both available for 72 and 144mm print height

  • CORAL series for printing in full colour CMYK ( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black for text/barcodes)
  • CALYPSO for printing in full colour CMY (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow)


ALE's colour printing range has recently been updated, with the introduction of two-spot colours systems, especially designed to meet the new GHS regulation and to print with maximum accuracy traceability data for dangerous products, like chemicals. GHS symbols are integrated in a library, supported by Codex software. The most common colour combination is red and black, for safety marking, but any set of colour is possible!

There are 2 versions available for 72 and 144mm print height:

  • TC-TWIN72: Two-spot colour systems high available for either porous or non-porous surfaces
  • TC-TWIN144: Two-spot colour systems available for either porous or non-porous surfaces