ALE MasterPi

ALE officially launches  the MasterPi

It has been developed to improve the functionalities of the Master+ Series machines to offer you an even more advanced, and more user friendly device for all your coding and marking needs.

Besides the new design, more modern and elegant, the new developments of the MasterPi have been made in order to make the system even faster and more efficient, easier to use, and lot of attention has also been put into connectivity.

With a larger and improved reactivity LCD colour screen of 7” , all inline tasks in stand-alone mode, directly from the controller, will now be far easier, with a user-friendly CodeX interface. Also, to help you increase even more your productivity, the system will work faster, thanks to our new and more powerful embedded electronic.

As regards the connectivity, the USB connections have been upgraded to allow more external devices to be plugged in (keyboard, external Wifi module, mouse or scanner for instance).

Just like the Master+, the MasterPi can drive up to 8 heads simultaneously, ideal for multi-line applications, and works with our powerful software: CodeX. It is also fully implemented in Nicelabel and compatible with the ALE Windows drivers.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the MasterPi is compatible with the Master+ in terms of hardware (fixations) and of connections.

A new design for unlimited Experiences!

For more information about this machine please follow this link or contact your local distributor.