As part of our marketing efforts, we have been working in partnership with a production company on a new video project, to better introduce ALE, our products and our vision. We are now happy to announce you that is it now available for download (English and French versions) on the distributor's area and on our brand new YouTube Channel !

We hope this will be of great use for your marketing strategy, to use either on your websites, presentations, fairs, field prospection or tablets.

Some facts about this video:

  • It has been recorded in 4k, the latest technology available in the audio-visual market, offering an incomparable resolution
  • Almost three days of shooting were necessary to get all the scenes, and countless hours of post-production work!
  • All actors in this video are actual ALE workers
  • No machines or spare parts were abused during the shootings

We want to thank again our partner, who helped us build this highly professional and modern video.

Hope you would like it and we wish you very nice holidays !