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Worldwide, governments have taken measures to tackle the problem of rising obesity, aiming in particular at changing food labelling. In fact, the nutritional data on packaging was considered unclear and even misleading, preventing consumers to make healthy food choices.

Because on December 13th, a new European regulation has become mandatory, involving huge changes for manufacturers on their product identification process, we will give you a quick overview of some of the major actions.


The USA: On May 2016, after several campaigns and the support of former first lady Michelle Obama, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has updated the “Nutrition Facts” labels.

The new data will better highlight the recommended serving size and the amount of calories both per portion and per package (dual column system). Added sugars will also appear more clearly.[FULL ARTICLE]

The European Union: The legislation EU No. 1169/2011, dealing with to what is now referred to as “food information to consumers” is becoming mandatory on 13th December 2016. The project dates back from 2011 when the ruling came into effect (and into full application in 2014). It sets a common format for food and nutrition labelling across the EU, giving consumers clear view about major items like calories, allergens, fat and sugar contents … [FULL ARTICLE]

France: Since September 2016, the country has been conducting a trial over 60 chosen supermarkets in strategic regions, to test the best display for easy and readable nutritional information on packaging. Four systems are being reviewed, some of which (as the coloured “traffic lights” system) are very controversial, and there is a good chance that a new law will impact labelling for processed foods in the country very soon. [FULL ARTICLE]


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